PEPlite is a filly automated employee performance management cloud-based software product. It’s an easy fit for smaller companies with little or no HR support. We offer all the training you’ll need, and you can be fully operational in less than a day!


PEPlite gives owners/managers an easy to use product that is as simple as a paper checklist but is a full software system. PEPlite includes our continuous coaching tool for managers and employees PEPtalk. Learn more

Two Employee Performance Groups

Performance can be evaluated on both Supervisors and individual contributors


Performance Metrics

Metrics for Supervisors and individual contributors

  • People Management
  • Leadership
  • Planning and Organization
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Accuracy and Quality
  • Job Knowledge and Skill
  • Productivity
  • Problem Solving


Weighting between goals and metrics is possible, giving your employees and managers a clear outlook on what is important to you.

Annual Performance Period

In PEPlite performance is measured over the calendar year


5 Point Rating Scale

Rate each team member on a traditional 5-point scale.

Training Materials

3 Manuals (Admin, Supervisor, and Employee) are provided to your team for easy reference on the operation of the system and to educate them on the methods, objectives, and best practices for employee performance management.

PEPlite’s subscription fee is $47/month for the first 25 employees + .97 cents for employees above 25. A one-time setup fee (equal to your first months’ subscription) is charged to fit PEPlite to your company and train your administrator on the system.


PEPtalk is a 24/7/365 continuous coaching tool for managers and employees to be in constant communication about progress toward goal achievement. It is mobile-enabled coaching/performance record as empirical backup for performance appraisals and which eliminates surprises for both managers and employees. It is the reigning tech-based coaching tool on the planet. Simple plug-and-play system.

In addition, these elements of PEPpro are included

  • PEPtalk
  • Management Reports
  • Employee Self-assessment
  • Performance Review approval process
  • Archiving
  • Email notices to managers and employees
  • HR/Admin review of Performance Reviews

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