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Performance Appraisal System

PEP Software is a SaaS software system designed specifically for employee appraisal and performance review & feedback for managers and employees of small to medium sized businesses. We have created both in person and remote options to provide continual feedback for employees working side by side or in the field. Our options allow you to customize the program for the needs of your business and we provide training materials and ongoing support to help you along the way. To see our system in action, check out our employee performance appraisal software video. Give us a call at (800) 674-7748 or contact us online for more information.
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Continuous Employee Performance Feedback

When it comes to mentoring and development, we recognize the need for more frequent feedback and interactions between employees and their managers. While there are a variety of hurdles, including lack of resources, understanding, or enthusiasm, our performance review system has been created specifically for managing employee performance by encouraging communication and offering support in the achievement of significant goals. 
Our PEP Software will help any company and can be individualized for a variety of types of performance appraisal, including:

> 360-degree appraisal
> general performance appraisal
> technological/administrative performance appraisal
> manager performance appraisal
> employee self-assessment
> project evaluation review
> sales performance appraisal
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No matter what style you choose for HR performance management, we know that our PEP employee evaluation and performance review software can help by focusing on the relationship between your manager and employee and providing an opportunity for continuous feedback to improve performance management. 

For more information, we have created a selection of videos to give a visual representation of our mission and examples of our employee performance evaluation software in action. Additionally, you can visit our employee appraisal system FAQs page for some of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question or would like additional information about your company, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone at (800) 674-7748 or contact us online for more information.

Help Your Employees Succeed

If you need software that will help you with employee management and the performance appraisal process, PEP is the HR performance management tool you need! To learn more about how PEP Software can help you with managing your employee performance or performing evaluations, contact us at (800) 674-7748.
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