PEPfree provides an opportunity for a company to try PEPpro for 12 months with no cost! PEPfree is for one department with all employees reporting to one manager.

PEPfree has all of the features that the fully-customizable PEPpro provides

Manage Employee Performance

Real-time, value-added complete SaaS solution that automates the entire process of managing employee performance and recording performance appraisals.

Establish Perfornace Expectations

Establishes performance expectations through a partnership between the employee, his/her manager, and your company.

3 Fundamentals of Performance Management

Incorporates the three fundamentals of performance management.

PEPfree has a built in feedback feature for coaching employees. PEPtalk provides a place within the system for employees to take notes on any items related to their goals or performance. Managers can also key notes into PEPtalk, not only on their PCs but via a mobile app. If a manager and an employee meet to discuss progress on goals, each can take notes via PEPtalk. If a manager views a presentation by an employee, PEPtalk allows the manager to take contemporaneous notes via the mobile app.

At the end of the performance period when evaluations are due, the employee and the manager have access to their PEPtalk notes. No longer will managers evaluate employees based on vague recollections over the performance period. Employees will have their own record of achievements as well. The performance appraisal is no longer an arduous and ineffective bureaucratic waste of time.

3 Fundamentals of Performance Management


Communicate Expectations

  • Tell Employees what you want them to do.
  • Set similar performance expectations for employees in the same jobs.
  • Performance Goals (What you want employees to do.)
  • Performance Metrics (How you want employees to do their work.)


Coach for Success

  • Coaching is the difference between good managers and great managers.
  • Step 1 (Communicate Expectations) takes a couple hours at the beginning of the year and step 3 (Recognize Results) takes a few at the end of the year. Coaching is all year.
    • Observe how the employee handles tasks.
    • Praise the things the employee does well.
    • Provide constructive and instructive criticism for those things the employee could do better. As soon as you see indications of needing improvement happen.
    • Give feedback to the employee when the work happens and document using the PEPtalk feature.


Recognize Results

  • Performance Goals
    • Achieved goals
    • Exceeded goals
    • Did not achieve goals
  • Performance Metrics
    • Met expectations
    • Exceeded expectations
    • Did not meet expectations
  • Strengths
    • What are the employee’s top competencies?
  • Employees do a self-evaluation.
  • Routes the self-evaluation to the Manager for review and completion of the manger evaluation.
  • Routs the evaluations through an approval chain.
  • Evaluations are automatically archived and available as needed.

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