Coach for Success

To make sure goals and performance metrics are actually achieved managers need to Coach for Success.

Managers typically have only one performance-review conversation a year with their subordinates. As this is an infrequent event the employee is often wary. They wonder how did I do over the last year? What will my manager remember and put in my appraisal? And because they know their manager could penalize them if they admit to areas that need growth they aren’t honest about needing help.

True coaching requires frequent moments of feedback about what an employee is doing well and what they could do better. Are there opportunities for the employee to build skills and be successful in the job? Most traditional performance management systems are ZERO help with creating an effective coaching system.

PEPtalk gives managers the tool they need to coach effectively and to help employees achieve goals.

PEPtalk creates documentation throughout the year that managers can use to evaluate employees fairly and appropriately at appraisal time.

Coaching makes the difference between good managers and great managers.

Managers should observe how the employee handles various tasks and then provide appropriate praise for tasks that the employee has done well. The best time to offer appreciation is immediately after the event.

Give constructive and instructive criticism when an employee could have performed tasks better. This feedback should also come soon after the performance, or it loses its relevance.

Document both good and bad performance as it occurs. At year-end, it’s nearly impossible to recall specifics of employee performance. PEPtalk offers an easy way to create detailed documentation, which allows for completion of performance appraisals in minimal time. PEPtalk makes year-end reviews simple and quick!

Managers are frequently frustrated that, at the end of the year, they have forgotten many things that should be included in their employees’ reviews. By documenting each coaching moment in PEPtalk when it occurs, managers have all the information they need for performance reviews.

PEPtalk is a 24/7/365 continuous coaching tool for managers and employees to be in constant communication about progress toward goal achievement. It is mobile-enabled communication between manager and employee providing an archived coaching/performance record as empirical backup for performance appraisals and which eliminates surprises for both managers and employees. It is the reigning tech-based coaching tool on the planet.

Recognizing the employee’s results is streamlined using PEP’s automated online self-evaluation and online manager evaluation. With PEPtalk providing a record of coaching communication between employee and manager, completing the evaluation is simple.