Recognizing Results

When employees receive recognition for their results they will continue to achieve and grow.

Traditional performance reviews focus mostly on the negative – or are so vague that employees may wonder if anyone notices all their hard work. Managers who take time to appreciate effort create a culture that empowers innovation and achievement.

Your employees need useful feedback from their managers in order to increase their value to the company. Evaluations must answer these questions:

  1. Goals: Did the employee achieve the goals set for them, exceed those goals, or not achieve those goals?
  2. Performance metrics: Did the employee meet your expectations on how they should perform (as set by the metrics), exceed those expectations, or not meet those expectations?
  3. Strengths: What are the employee’s top areas of performance?
  4. Opportunities: Where should the employee focus on improving?
  5. Documentation: What documentation have we gathered to ensure we have specifics about each of these topics?

Managers are frequently frustrated that, at the end of the year, they have forgotten many things that should be included in their employee’s reviews. By documenting each coaching moment in PEPtalk when it occurs, managers have all the information they need for performance reviews. That makes it possible for managers to answer the five questions above in a quick, easy and effective manner.