PEPforms is a spreadsheet-based employee performance management system. With PEPforms you can have a feature-rich HR department in a day!

What’s Included?

  1. Performance Evaluation form – Individual (Excel Spreadsheet)
  2. Performance Evaluation Form – Individual – User Manual
  3. Performance Evaluation Form – Supervisor (Excel Spreadsheet)
  4. Performance Evaluation Form – Supervisor – User Manual
  5. Performance Management & PEPforms Training (PowerPoint Presentation)


Great For Small Businesses

An easy fit for smaller companies with little or no HR support.


Training Materials Included

Includes helpful reference material to guide staff through the performance management process.


Get Up And Running In A Day

Your organization can have a fully operational performance management system in one day.


  • Two easy to use Excel forms for the following Performance Groups
    • Supervisors
    • Individual Contributors
  • Performance Metrics/Competencies for each Employee Performance Group
    • Supervisors
      • People Management
      • Leadership
      • Planning and Organization
      • Communication
      • Problem Solving
      • Teamwork
    • Individual Contributors
      • Accuracy and Quality
      • Communication
      • Job Knowledge and Skill
      • Productivity
      • Problem Solving
      • Teamwork
  • Assignment of Performance Goals optional. If Performance Goals are assigned, goals are weighted relative to the significance of other goals.
  • Performance Metric weightings are established according to Performance Group.
  • Weighting of Performance Goals vs Performance Metrics is determined by Supervisor, with a minimum of 25% (if Performance Goals are assigned).
  • 5-Point Rating Scale
  • Annual or Quarterly Performance Period
  • Employee Self-Assessment