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Human Resources

Most employees and managers hate performance appraisals. Why?

If what employees are supposed to do and how they are supposed to do it isn’t established, then appraisals are baseless.

Superlative employee performance management must have the three indispensable elements:

Communicate Expectations

Coach for


How do you implement these three elements?

PEP is a secured, cloud-based system that solves performance management challenges.

Managing employee performance doesn’t have to be time-consuming and unpleasant! Schedule a demo NOW to see PEP in action.

With built-in coaching via the PEPtalk© tool, feedback to employees is efficient, effective and timely.

The PEP process culminates in meaningful and productive performance appraisals.

Cloud Based and Secured

Tech-Based Coaching

24/7/365 Availability

Empirical Data for Appraisals

Asynchronous Coaching

Fully Customizable


Prices Start at Just $47 Per Month

3 Steps to Perfecting Employee Performance

Performance management is not rocket science but PEP will make rocket scientists better managers. Follow the 3 Steps.

Communicate Expectations

Set goals, what you want your employees to do. Set performance metrics, how you want your employees to their jobs. Make sure employees know what is expected of them.

Coach for Success

Coaching makes the difference between good managers and great managers. PEPtalk is a mobile-enabled feature of PEP that keeps your managers and their employees connected 24/7/365.

Recognize Results

Employees deserve a fair and objective appraisal of their work. With coaching documented with PEPtalk throughout the year, managers have all the information they need to do the appraisal at year end.

Choose the best bundle for your organization.


PEPpro is a real-time, value-added complete SaaS solution that automates the entire process of managing employee performance and recording performance appraisals.


PEPlite is an easy fit for smaller companies with little or no HR support. We offer all the training you’ll need, and you can be fully operational in less than a day!


PEPforms is a spreadsheet-based employee performance management system. With PEPforms you can have a feature rich HR department in a day!


PEPfree is a one year free trial of our flagship product PEPpro. Get all of the features of PEPpro for a single department of your company.

Benefits of PEP?

PEP (Perfecting Employee Performance) is a real-time, value-added complete SaaS solution that will automate the whole process of managing employee performance.

  • Offers a cloud-based SaaS solution for effective and efficient employee performance management.
  • Allows employees and managers to develop customized goals and performance plans on any timeline and frequency.
  • Tracks performance and provides feedback online and in real-time.
  • Streamlines and automates the performance appraisal process.
  • Documents and archives reviews.


  • 24/7/365 Continuous Coaching
  • Mobile Enabled
  • Unequaled Tech-based Tool on the Planet
  • Archived Coaching/Performance Record
  • Empirical Appraisal Backup

What PEP Can Do For You

What do our users have to say?

As the HR Manager I always thought I knew how to teach my company’s managers to manage their employee’s performance. I’ve used many forms and have fought the annual battle to get managers to do performance appraisals. In the first quarter of the year I spent most of time chasing late appraisals. I’ve answered all the questions about why do we do these useless evaluations and how can they be of any value when we can’t remember the whole year worth of work. Now with Perfecting Employee Performance I have all the answers and most importantly I can teach managers how to coach. With PEPtalk a manager is in constant communication with her employees. We no longer do the one-on-one weekly meetings as they are not needed. We now actually manage and increase our employees’ performance.


It’s Difficult to understand how much better the performance appraisal process can be. Perfecting Employee performance changed an antiquated manual and time consuming paper process into a streamlined, efficient, online SaaS process. Every company should use PEP!


We finally found out why our employees and managers alike hated our performance appraisals. We were doing it wrong. Perfecting Employee Performance taught us the basics of performance management and gave us a cloud-based tool needed to set expectations for employees, to coach employees to achieve their goals, and to fairly and objectively recognize every employee’s achievements. We now spend less time and are 10 times more effective


I am the manager of a sales department and I use the free PEP Department tool. It is amazing how we set goals and quotas online and communicate almost every hour of the day with PEPtalk. We have performance metrics that are customized specifically for my sales people. I do appraisals every quarter for my team and I coach them every day. This is the best sales management app I’ve ever used. PEP is a simple, low-cost, turnkey system that is perfect for our small business.