Custom Performance Plans

Organizing employees into Performance Groups allows us to have unique Performance Metrics (KPIs) and Performance Periods. Individual goals are still included. The following are some metrics tailored to the employee group. (Other metrics can also be included).

  • People Managers – Coaching, Leadership
  • Executives – Leadership
  • Sales / Customer Success (All sales should have pipeline management)
    • Inside Direct Sales – Inbound Calling, Outbound Calling, Follow Up
    • Outside Sales – On-site Presentations, Appointment Management, Follow Up
    • Channel Sales – Partner Relations, Influence Management
    • Business Development – Cold Emailing/Calling, Meeting Setting, Opportunities Sourced, Revenue Sourced
    • Sales Engineers – Solutions Skills, Presentation Skills
  • Customer Service – Communication, Product Knowledge, Politeness
  • Accounting and Finance – Accuracy, Timeliness, Initiative, Organization, Analytical Skills, Technology Expertise
  • Human Resources – Business Knowledge, Coaching, Leadership, Consultation
  • Information Technology – Certifications, Customer Relations, Communication,
  • Marketing – Creativity, Presentations Skills, Analytical Thinking, Negotiation, Research
  • Engineering – Certifications, Solutions Creativity
  • Research and Development – Solution Creativity, Skills Advancement
  • Operations – Multitask, Workflow Balance, Problem Solving
  • Product Management – Vision, Analytical Skills, Planning, Influence
  • Software Development – Innovation, Certifications, Needs Analysis
  • Production – Efficiency, Quality, Quantity, Communication
  • Logistics – Materials Management, Finished Goods Management
  • Purchasing – Sourcing, Pricing, Negotiation, PMI
  • Supply Chain – Planning, Product Flow, Integration, Coordination,
  • Quality Assurance – Inspection, Testing, Communication, Customer Service
  • Manufacturing – Materials Management, Process Improvement, Communication
  • Shipping – Documentation, Inspection, Packaging, Process Improvement
  • Technical Support – Communication, Product Knowledge
  • Call Center – Product Knowledge, Communication, Customer Satisfaction
  • Nurse – Health Care Knowledge, Certifications, Communication
  • Teachers – Communication, Teamwork, Continuous Learning, Mentoring, Imaginative, Influence
While most groups will have an annual performance period, some may elect to have quarterly or semi-annual, e.g. Sales. Everything is possible with PEP.